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Publilux Inc is an agency specializing in visibility, proximity and the marketing of technical products. With decades of experience representing, selling, prospecting, promoting and specifying products to construction professionals like engineers, architects, designers and industries and municipalities our company designs videos and interactive presentation materials to help companies better promote their products and services.
Our interactive video presentations with presenters that allow users to easily navigate through the company's website while watching to learn more about the features, specifications, and applications of the products.
We have also developed complete marketing tools such as video product presentation combined with QR codes, which offer effective solutions to promote your products online, in-store, on signs or in documents. By using these tools, you can save time and money while increasing your product reach, improving customer engagement, and strengthening your brand. These solutions are ideal to help fill labor shortages and grow your business optimally.
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We specialize in providing presentation, specification, and representation services for technical products targeted at construction professionals and municipalities.
Our comprehensive range of visual products includes corporate, promotional, educational, and customizable videos, designed to effectively promote your products and services.
Additionally, we have a team of presenters who are fluent in over 24 languages, enabling us to cater to diverse audiences.
Furthermore, we are proficient in mobile marketing strategies, utilizing QR codes, SMS, and NFC technology to maximize reach and engagement.
Our expertise extends to print and display marketing products, offering innovative solutions to address labor shortages and ensure effective communication with your target audience.

Specification Video

Customized monthly service of interactive video presentations to promote your products every week and stay in touch with your clients, whether they are working remotely, on the go, on a construction site, or at their office.


Our comprehensive online promotion, specification, and prospecting service offers a complete solution to enhance your products visibility, generate leads, and drive sales. We understand the importance of delivering tangible results, which is why we have designed our service to be performance-based, meaning you only pay for the outcomes we achieve.

Manufacturers Agent

With almost 35 years of field representation experience and over 17 years of expertise in online marketing, Publilux Inc. is a comprehensive agency that offers its services to manufacturers looking to expand their business in Quebec.

We take care of all aspects, including representation, presentations, and specifications. Understanding that your marketing materials are often in English only, if needed, we handle translations, create promotional web pages, design graphics and visuals, develop sales documents, provide design services, video editing, audio narration, online distribution, and social media management. All these services are free and included in our package.

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Some statistics

Years of experience in web marketing, the company was founded in 2006
+ 5000
Videos produced over the years
+ 12,000
Products represented for the last 17 years
Domain names or active websites