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Visibility, Proximity and Marketing

About us

Publilux Inc is an agency in visibility, proximity, and marketing of products. With several decades of experience in product representation, sales, prospecting, training, presentation, and specification, we are able to provide a strong and proven expertise.

Our company creates interactive videos and presentation materials to help businesses effectively promote their products and services, as well as train their employees and clients. Leveraging advancements in artificial intelligence, we have developed comprehensive marketing tools, such as interactive presentation videos featuring product presenters who can answer questions from listeners quickly, efficiently, and with astonishing accuracy. This approach provides an immersive and captivating customer experience, dynamically showcasing your product or service.
Users are more likely to stay engaged and retain key information when presented visually and attractively. While watching the presentation, they have the ability to easily navigate through your company's website to learn more about product features, specifications, and applications.
Furthermore, we have developed product presenter videos paired with editable QR codes. This combination offers effective solutions for promoting your products online, in-store, on displays, or in documents. Using these tools, you can save time and money while expanding the reach of your product, enhancing customer engagement, and strengthening your brand. These solutions are particularly useful for addressing labor shortages and driving optimal business growth.

We provide a range of visual products such as corporate, promotional, educational, and customizable videos to promote your products and services.

We also employ presenters who can showcase your products and services in over 24 languages.

We are also experts in mobile marketing, utilizing QR codes, SMS, and NFC technology.

Additionally, we offer a comprehensive range of printed and display marketing products. We provide innovative solutions to the workforce shortage.

Our expertise

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interactive presentation

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Video presentation & LMS

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Artificial Intelligence

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Online Marketing


Some statistics

Years of experience in web marketing, the company was founded in 2006
+ 12,000
Videos produced over the years
+ 12,500
Products represented for the last 18 years