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Visual and Proximity marketing agency

We are Publilux Inc, an agency specialized in visibility, proximity, and marketing of products and services. We design interactive presentation videos to help companies better promote their products and services.

We are a company with over a decade of experience in representing, presenting, and specifying products to various professionals, including engineering, architecture, design, municipalities, and institutions. This experience and combined tools aim to increase the presence of your products on quotes, stimulate sales, and maximize the impact of your products on the market.

We also use proximity tools such as QR codes, NFC technology, SMS, and assisted web to maintain constant contact with your customers. With our visibility and proximity agency concept, we provide all the visual content that companies need to be omnipresent on the web and social media.

We also offer solutions for labor shortages by providing mobile and cost-effective presentations for replacing or easing existing employee tasks. We are ready to work with you to adapt our approach to your specific needs and business objectives.

Finally, we offer turnkey service so that companies can focus on their business while having a professional web presence.

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